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How long has TDMG been in business?

We are proud to say that we’ve been growing ever since our doors opened in 2014.

How should I determine my budget?

When you come to our agency, we’ll help make sure your marketing dollars are spent wisely. We understand that every company has different needs and goals so it’s important for us get a clear idea of what those entail before deciding how best they can be met through advertising or other means such as email lists. We know from experience just getting started with new strategies may take time – but there will always eventually come a point when further investment pays off!

What are your prices for Marketing Services?

We know that every campaign is unique, which means we can create a tailored plan just for you. Our marketing consultants will work with the goals and budget of your company to deliver the best possible results! To learn more about our service offerings, contact us today.

How long does it normally take to see results?

With AdMix Digital, you can see your ranking improve as soon at the first month or two. Keep in mind that SEO is more about consistency and longevity than it’s quick wins–you’ll need to be patient for these results! For PPC and Lead Generation actions tend to have more immediate results.

How do your marketing campaigns operate?

With AdMix Digital, you can take advantage of month-to-month campaigns. You will be assigned a project manager who helps guide your first campaign and sends over an action plan with key performance indicators (KPIs). If there are any changes needed in order for us to achieve our goals by end date or milestone number two whichever comes sooner! Every few weeks we’ll send out reports showing how well things are going; this way it’s easy as pie knowing what areas need some work when they’re doing great elsewhere because everyone has their own strengths after all 🙂

Do you outsource any work?

All of our work is completed in-house. We have a team dedicated to digital marketing and they operate from the our office located at Canyon Lake, CA
Our specialists are committed making sure that you get more customers by using innovative Marketing Strategies.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

We’re different than most companies in terms of long-term contracts. You operate on a month to month basis where you are not locked into any fixed term commitments and can cancel at anytime with proper notice, we ask for a written notice 30 Days prior to cancelling.

How do I cancel services?

Should you wish to cancel, we require a written notice via email or letter. Letting your project manager know you wish to cancel will allow our team to make the necessary changes to your campaign. Please keep in mind that should you cancel, you will be billed for last month before the campaign is finalized.

How do I get started?

Simply contact us to get in touch with one of our marketing consultants. We will then build you a custom strategy that you’ll need to sign-off on. Once signed, we get started with the initial onboarding and kick off the campaign. We accept all major forms of payment, check, wire transfer, and PayPal.


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